Custom Pressed Flower Essential Blooms Necklace

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custom essential blooms necklace
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custom essential blooms necklace

Custom Pressed Flower Essential Blooms Necklace


handcrafted mementos to preserve your most cherished blooms


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Custom Essential Blooms are made with your very own special flower. The pressed flower is set in resin, and hung on a gold filled chain. The Essential Blooms collection is meant to bring to life the essence of nature. Each necklace has an essential oil diffuser tassel that lays next to the clasp on the back of the neck to maximize the benefits and uses of essential oils.

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Care instructions for Essential Oil use:


To use essential oils on your necklace, apply 1-2 drops of essential oil directly on the tassel.

Add a drop of essential oils every few days as needed.

To preserve your gold-filled chain, please keep clean of any oils and away from water.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I press my flowers?

Pressing flowers is easy! It's best to save a variety of small flowers, petals and or greenery so we have a few options to work with. The pendants range in size from .75”-1.75”. When I receive your flowers, I choose the best shape and size pendant for your flower. If the flower is too big, I can always cut pieces as well as use petals. To press your flowers, you can either use our flower press, (click here for flower press) or old books. When you put them in a book, use a book that has absorbent pages, avoid laminated pages which are commonly found in newer coffee table books. Old and inexpensive books work perfect. As soon as the flowers are in the book, you want to stack more books and weight on top. It takes about two weeks to be fully pressed and dried. Then you can send them to me! You can put them in a small box or in between cardboard to protect them.


Can you press my flowers for me?

It's important to press the flowers right away after purchase, so please do not send us unpressed flowers. However, if you tell us the exact flower type you want, we can purchase and press the flower for you. You are responsible for all costs we incur purchasing the flowers, and that amount will be added on to the final purchase price of your order. (We are not responsible if the color or other specific qualities vary slightly.)


How long does it take to receive my jewelry?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for crafting your jewelry and shipping it to you after we receive your flowers. Please let us know if you are in a time crunch and need it sooner, we will try our best to accommodate you. 


Can I use a dried bouquet?

Yes! I can use small pieces from a dried bouquet. It is helpful if you send me a picture of it and I can tell you what pieces will work. This way, you keep the bouquet, and only send me a few pieces from it. 


Where do I send my pressed flowers?

My studio is located in Colorado. When you place your order I will send you the address to which you will send the flowers to!


How do I ship the flowers safely?

If you are shipping pressed flowers I recommend sending them in a bubble envelope sandwiched between paper, a couple layers of cardboard or even still in the book you pressed it in. The most important part is that they don't bend in the mail. 

If you are shipping flowers that are dried, not pressed, send them in a small box with tissue around them to protect them and then in another box or bubble mailer. Having two layers of separation from the outside elements helps protect them best. 


Do you offer a discount for multiple custom items?

Yes! I offer a discount if you order multiple custom pieces. Contact me for more information.





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