Fern teardrop shape Essential Blooms Necklace

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Fern teardrop shape Essential Blooms Necklace


Made by hand, this little fern was pressed and then set in resin. It is hung on an 18" Gold filled chain

Each essential blooms necklace comes with a small vial of lavender oil!

Care instructions:

To charge your necklace, apply 2-3 drops of essential oil directly on the leather tassel.

Recharge every few days as needed.

To preserve your gold-filled chain,  please keep clean of any oils and away from water.

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Essential Blooms is a collection of pressed floral and essential oil jewelry. Each flower is individually picked and flattened between the pages of vintage books. Every pendant is made with real pressed flowers, set in resin, and hung on a gold filled chain. The Essential Blooms collection is meant to bring to life the essence of nature. The leather diffuser lays next to the clasp on the back of the neck to maximize the benefits and uses of essential oils.