Where it all began…

Rachel Keppeler Designs is a collection of feminine and floral jewelry. I love working with real flowers in my essential blooms collection, and floral inspired motifs in my other pieces. I want women to feel feminine and beautiful wearing my designs.

It all started in my dorm room at Miami University when I decided to create a piece of braille jewelry. I wanted to create something special to remember my cousin David who had passed away from an illness that caused him to be blind. He used to send me letters all the time written in braille. I went to the hardware store, came back with a hammer, nail and some brass and created the braille jewelry piece. I changed my major to metals and jewelry, and turned my newfound passion into a business.

Originally from Wisconsin, Rachel now lives in San Diego, CA with her husband Hunter and their cat Bianca. She works out of her jewelry studio in their apartment to create and design her jewelry collection.