Amazing Grace Necklace

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10% of the profits from this necklace will go to David's Refuge, a non-profit started by David's parents that cares for parents of children with special needs.

The reversible pendant is 2"x.35" with textured Braille on one side and engraved cursive translation on the other side. 

The gold-plated pendant comes with a 16" gold filled chain, and the sterling silver pendant with a 16" sterling silver chain. If you'd like an 18" chain, you can leave a note in the text box. Note the width of the pendant will add to the length of the necklace. 

Letters from David is a special necklace collection that incorporates Braille words and phrases inspired by the life and loss of my cousin and friend David who went blind as a result of a terminal disease. David was a joyful, loving soul with a deep faith in God. He used to write me letters in braille, talk on the phone for hours, encourage me and laugh with me. Through the grieving of his loss he inspired me to create my very first piece of jewelry, a necklace with joyful punched on it in braille. This piece sparked the birth of my jewelry business. This new Letters from David collection consists of four necklaces engraved with different inspirational words and phrases connecting back to David’s life and his faith in God. One side is raised in braille and the other in engraved in the cursive translation. Each piece has an inspirational phrase: You are not aloneit is wellAmazing Grace and Joyful. My goal is to raise awareness for the blind that leads to more empathy and understanding, and connect people through sharing their stories. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my story, my hope is that it inspires you to share yours!

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